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Señor Q

An American friend recently stumbled across the prefix "Master", designating a man before he's married, as in the male version of "Miss". Perhaps it's a British term, as she had never heard of it, or perhaps it's just so antiquated, that my young friend had never encountered it before. I remember my brothers receiving bank statements addressed to "Master", back when they opened their very first bank accounts, but I don't think I've seen it since. Regardless, it's too late for Latino Man to claim to be a Master, just as I am no longer a Miss. So the question is, what should we call him now? Mr Q or Señor Cupcake? 

In fact there are other questions, like what do we talk about now we don't have a thousand things to organise for the wedding, and where does a newly married couple start with the thousand "after the wedding" projects we've been putting off for so long? Having spent a fabulous week surrounded by our families and friends, all of them in the gorgeous city of Cartagena to help us celebrate our committment to sharing a lifetime of delicious food and beautifully designed objects, not forgetting the spectacular week spent on an island in the San Bernardo Archipelago, coming back to Bogota with its car horns, car alarms, drizzle and more car horns, was a bit of a let down.   

Pancakes to the rescue! 

This recipe for Sour Cream Banana Pancakes by Ina Garten has never ever failed me, even though I use yoghurt instead of sour cream. I use yoghurt because it's what I usually have on hand, and it never fails because it's also from the fermented-dairy family. I don't understand the science, so I can't explain why, but when you combine said dairy, be it in the form of yoghurt, sour cream or buttermilk, with leavening agent like bi-carb soda, the result is a magically fluffy cake, pan or otherwise. 

Serve with hot chocolate for a perfect Mr & Mrs Cupcake Q post-wedding pick me up brekkie.

For dinner, serve a gorgeous Bogota post-storm sunset to remind yourselves why you live in this chilly city. 

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