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Parma Pantry Challenge - Grand Finale

It was a big ask, as football commentators say, and though we fought hard, there is only so much two people can eat.

From the freezer we used the extra pizza bases for a mid-thesis-writing pizza night, and chianina beef became a delicious osso bucco. We managed to get through half the pici pasta, half a jar of anchovies and half a cup of breadcrumbs on a Tuscan inspired evening, and we consumed lentils in almost every way you can imagine them being consumed, with flatbreads of assorted varieties to use the remaining Petra flour. The quinoa, both white and red, was finished along with the remaining prawns from the freezer, some greens and a good drizzling of the yuzu butter Emily brought back from Paris. For our final meal, we finished off the black beans in a dip we ate with cornchips, and the canned pineapple ended up on top of an upside-down cake.

Parma Pantry Challenge replays: Pad Thai, Pizza and 100% Petra Bread

Alas there was simply too much food, even for our UNISG trained stomachs, but fortunately we are not the last to leave. The Parma Pantry Challenge will continue, albeit in Colorno. Though I am leaving Italy tomorrow and heading to the land of Juan Valdéz, I will of course keep you updated on this riveting competition. 

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Colorno Cupboard Challenge began today. Basil white bean dip with sundried tomatoes on crostini made from your homemade bread (drizzled with evoo in a jar from you). Ate it with a side of curry popcorn. I feel ill.

March 14, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCatherine

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